Kawasaki ZX250 / ZXR250 / ZX2R Front Sprocket


High Quality Kawasaki ZX250 / ZXR250 / ZX2R Front Sprockets

Standard size front sprocket is a 14 tooth   520

Going smaller with the front sprocket will improve acceleration but reduce top speed

Going bigger with the front sprocket will increase top speed but reduce accelaration

Also Fits Kawasaki:

BR250 A1 1986-1988  15T Standard

EL250 D3-D5 (Eliminator)  1992-1998   14T  Standard

GPX250R F2-F20B (EX250R) 1988-2007 14T Standard

KLR250 D2-D5 (KL)  1985-1988  15t Standard

KLR250 D6-D24 (KL)  1989-2007  15T Standard

KLX250 H5-H7 (Electric Start)  2003-2007  14T Standard

KLX250S T9F-TBF  2009-2011  14T Standard

KR250 B1-B2 (KR-1)  1988-1989  15T Standard

KR250 C2-C4 (KR-1S)  1990-1992  15T Standard

VN250 A2-A7 (ELIMINATOR 250V)  1999-2004  14T Standard

ZR250 A7-A8 (Balius)  1997-1999  14T  Standard

ZZ-R250 H1-H16 (EX250 H)  1990-2007  14T  Standard

GPX400R (Import) All Models  14T  Standard

ZXR400R H1 (ZX) Import   15T  Standard

ZXR400R J1 (ZX) Import  16T  Standard

ZXR400R J2 (ZX) Import  16T  Standard

ER500 A3-C4 (ER-5)  1999-2006  17T  Standard

GPZ500S A1-A5 (EX TWIN)  1987-1992  16T  Standard

KLE500 A2-A4  1992-1994  16T  Standard

KLE500 B5-B6   2004-2008  16T  Standard

GPX550 A1-A4 (ZX)  1983-1988  16T  Standard

ZR550  B2-B6 (ZEPHYR)  1991-1998   16T  Standard

KL600 A1 B1-B2 (KLR600)  1984-1987  15T  Standard

KLR650 A1-A3 B1 (KL)  1987-1989  15T  Standard




Due to weight, shipping for chains / sprocket will be based on combined weight

For combined orders, ie more than one sprocket or international shipping, ASK for Shipping cost before ordering