Battery Charger

 In a slick weatherproof enclosure with built-in wall mounts, improved energy efficiency and cables good down to -40 degrees, the OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM is ideally suited to all powersport vehicles especially those used on water and in the cold. Tested, proven and endorsed by numerous power sport vehicle OE’s and users world-wide.

Program 1 (default setting on this model) desulfates, charges, tests and maintains the battery directly with the 2 supplied accessories – ( 1) permanent ringlet connector with weatherproof cap & ( 4) set of battery clips

Want to ride, but not sure of battery condition? A 10 second test at connection indicates your battery condition, a quick and easy ‘ride meter’ that will determine if you are ready to go or will have to charge the battery first.

Saves the battery you thought was dead! OptiMate 4’s proven multi stage desulphation program saves neglected batteries (as low as 0,5V) other chargers can't.

Gets the rated power out of your battery! The multi step program, that includes a unique cell voltage balancing step, guarantees the fastest and most complete charge.

Extends battery life by up to 400%! OptiMate 4 will maintain your battery safe and ready-to-go for months on end, with the extremely effective “charge and rest” maintenance program.

Warns you of battery problems! Hourly battery condition tests monitors the battery and the current drain by the vehicle circuitry; a problem is indicated on an easy to understand light display.  Or use the 10 second test at connection for a more hands on diagnosis of battery condition.

Got a BMW with a 12V outlet controlled by the CAN-bus computer? Select the 2nd program (a simple 5 step procedure detailed on the base of the charger and in the instructions) and charge directly through the 12V port with an optional accessory. KEY-LESS activation guarantees automatic opening & re-opening of the connection without the ignition being not turned on. The 2nd program can be safely used to directly charge and maintain a battery or charge through the CAN-bus controlled 12V port. (e.g. if you own a BMW plus other vehicles that need battery maintenance).  Only low voltage pulse desulphation is activated in program 2, select program 1 and charge the battery directly to save a neglected battery.

Recommended for STD (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) & sealed GEL 12V lead-acid batteries up to 50Ah.

Fully automatic operation that includes all safety features such as reverse polarity protection, no spark connection.