K-1205YKU (KY) Carb Repair and Parts Kit

Motorcycle Repair Kit

Made in Japan

Yamaha FZR250 3LN1, INNER Carbs Numbers 2 or 3

Original Carburetor No.: 3LN-14902-00,  3LN-14903-00

Included in this kit: 

Chamber Gaskets  (2)

Needle Valve

Jet Needle

"E" Clip

Screw Air

Spring Air


Main Jet  #37.5

Main Jet  #100

Slow Jet  #30

Jet, Air Bleed  #105

"O" Ring  (7)


Screw Throttle

Spring Throttle

Other  (3)



FZR250 Serial Numbers

3LN1: MARCH 1989-   3LN-218101-279000

3LN3: FEB 1990-         3LN-279101-325000

3LN5: MAY 1991-        3LN-325101-340000


Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic