K-1076HKO and K-1076HKI (KH) Carb Repair and Parts Kit

Four Kits (One Each Carb)
Motorcycle Carb Repair Kit

Honda CB250RR for the CB250RRR  1994-1996 or Later

They are supplied with:
K-1076HK0 #112 main jets for carbs 1 & 4
K-1076HKI #110 main jets for carbs 2 & 3

Included in each kit

Chamber Gasket
Needle Valve
Jet Needle
Air Screw
Air Spring
Plunger Spring
Main Jet #110 or #112 as above
Slow Jet #35

Screw Throttle

Check Photograph to confirm these are the parts you are looking for. (These kits are for MC22 1994 or later carbs. Not MC19 carbs which are different)

For earlier model MC22  (L+N) see K-1075HKI and K-1075HKO