K-1075HKO and K-1075HKI (KH) Carb Repair and Parts Kit (4 kits)

Four Kits (One Each Carb)
Motorcycle Carb Repair Kit

Honda CB250RR for the CB250RR (L + N) 1990-1993/1994

They are supplied with:
K-1075HK0 #105 main jets for carbs 1 & 4
K-1075HKI #102 main jets for carbs 2 & 3

Included in each kit

Chamber Gasket
Needle Valve
Jet Needle
Air Screw
Air Spring
Plunger Spring
Main Jet #105 or #102 as above
Slow Jet #35

Screw Throttle

Check Photograph to confirm these are the parts you are looking for. (These kits are for MC22 L+N carbs. Not MC19 carbs which are different)

For Later model MC22 see K-1076HKI and K-1076HKO