JTR1792.47 DL650 V-Strom JT Rear Sprocket


JTR1792.47 JT 47T Rear Sprocket

DL650 K4, K5, K6 V-Strom 2004-2006
DL650 K7, K8, K9, L0, L1, L2 V-Strom 2007-2012
DL650 K7, K8, K9, L0, L1 V-Strom X 2010-2011
DL650 A K7, K8, K9, L0-L9 V-Strom ABS 2007-2019
DL650 A M0 V-Strom 2020
DL650 A M1 V-Strom 2021
DL650 A M2 V-Strom 2022
DL650 XA L5-L9 V-Strom XT ABS 2015-2019
DL650 XA M0, XAUE V-Strom 2020
DL650 XA M1 V-Strom 2021
DL650 XA M2 V-Strom 2022
DL650 V-Strom XT Touring 2020
DL650 V-Strom XT 2021
DL650 V-Strom XT 2022
DL650 A L2-L5 V-Strom ABS Adventure 2012-2015
DL650 A L0 V-Strom Traveller 2010
DL650 A L0 V-Strom GT 2010
DL650 A L5, L6 V-Strom XT ABS USA 2015-2016
DL650 SEA L0, L1, L2 V-Strom Touring USA 2010-2012

Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic

Please check this is the sprocket type and size you are looking for