JTF428.14 14T JT Front Sprocket

JTF428.14 JT 14 T Front Sprocket

Suzuki Off Road:
DS80 C, N 1978-1979
RM80 C USA 1978
RM80 T / X USA 1980-1981
Suzuki Road:
GT80 E, X3 1981-1982
GT80 L, X 1981-1982
TS80 ER, X, Z 81-82
TS80 ER, X, Z Germany 1981-1982
TS80 ER, X, Z France 1981-1982
110 Shogun Greece / SE Asia

Yamaha Off Road:
YZ80 E, F 1978-1979
YZ80 G 1980

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Can be picked up in Heidelberg West Vic