JTF253.16 16T Front Sprocket

MTX80JTF253.16  JT 16 T Front Sprocket



Honda Off Road:

CL70 USA 1977-1982

CT70 USA 1969-1982

CT70 USA 1991-1994

XR70 RV, RW, RX  1997-1999

CR80 RF  1985

Honda Road:

C50 LAC, LAE  1982-1987

GLX50 Greece / SE Asia

NSR50 S-K  1989-

ST50 G Dax Germany 1974-1980

ST70 G2 Dax Germany 1977-1980

ST70 France 1982-1983

ST70 Dax AM K3 France

ST70 Dax France 1982-1998

MBX75  1984

MTX75  1987

NSR75  1990

XL75  1977-1980

CY80 France

CY80 France

CY80 Z Germany 1981

MB80 S-A 1980

MB80 France

MB80 SAHC01 Germany 1980-1983

MBX80 FWD,  FWF Germany 1983

MBX80 FWD,FWF  1983-1986

MCX80 SDHC05 Germany 1982-1987

MT80 SAHC02 1980

MT80 France

MTX80 France

MTX80 RFD, RFF  1983-1986

MTX80 CHC06 Germany 1982

MTX80 RSDHC08 Germany 1983

XL80 S USA 1980-1985

C90 Cub  1984-2002

GLX90 Greece / SE Asia


Can be pickwed up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic