JTF1565.13SC Front Sprocket

JTF1565.13SC  JT 13SC Front Sprocket


Kawasaki Off Road:

KX450 F D6F, D7F, D8F, E9F, EAF, EBF, FCF, FDF, FEF, FFF, HGF, HHF, HJF  2006-2018

KX450 JKF (4-Stroke)  2019

KX450 JLF (4-Stroke)  2020

KX450 JMFNN (4-Stroke)  2021

KX450 JNFNN (4-Stroke)  2022

KX450 JPFNN (4-Stroke)  2023

KX450 X KMF (4-Stroke)  2021

KX450 X KNF, KNS (4-Stroke)  2022

KX450 X KPF (4-Stroke)  2023


Kawasaki Road:

KLX450 R A8F, A9F, AAF, ABF, ACF, ADF, AEF, AHF, AJF, AKF  2008-2020

KLX450 R AMFNN  2021


Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic