JTF1263.14 JT 14T Front Sprocket

High Quality  JTF1263.14  JT 14T Front Sprocket


CT110 Postie Bike  (One tooth Down on Standard 15T)


Kawasaki Off Road

KD80 M1-M8 1980-87

Kawasaki Road

KV175 A1-A9 1981-89


Yamaha Off Road

RT180 A, B, D, E, G, H, J, K 1990-98

Yamaha Road:

T105 Crypton 1997-98

SR125 3MW8 1995-03

SR125 SE 3MW 1980-94


XT125 R3D6, 13D 2005-07

XT125 X 2005-07

XTZ125 2002-04

YBR125  3D9 2005-06

AG175 G, H, J, FU, B, D, E

AG200 L, FU, FB, W, F 1984-94



Going smaller with the front sprocket will improve acceleration but reduce top speed

Going bigger with the front sprocket will increase top speed but reduce acceleration

Combined shipping is available, please ask