Kawasaki JTF511.15 15T Front Sprocket

JTF511.15      JT 15T Front Sprocket


KLR650 (KL650B2-B3) Tengai   1990-1992

KLR650 (KL650 A4-A19, A6F, A7F, E8F, E9, EAF)  1990-2010

KLR650 (KL650EBF, ECF, EDF, EEF, EFF, EGF, EHF)  2011-2017

KLR650 Camo (KL650EHFA)  2017

KLR650 C1-C8  1995-2003

KLX650 C1-C4  1993-1996

KLX650 R   1999-2001


Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic