HiFlo HF138RC Oil Filter

HF138RC  Premium Quality Oil Filter

The new range of Hiflofiltro RC racing oil filters have been developed to meet the rigorous demands of top level race use, providing unsurpassed performance with the following features:

Tough heavy duty steel canister
17mm cross drilled nut enabling easy removal, and lock wiring for race use
Advanced high performance tri-fiber filtration media for:
Optimum filtration
High capacity
Improved oil flow
Rubber coated relief valve for perfect sealing
Compatible with all oil types
Engineered for both track and street
Hiflofiltro are the only TÜV certified oil filters, ensuring the highest levels of quality, performance, and vehicle warranty compatibility. Hiflofiltro RC is the ultimate performance oil filter.

Replaces OEM:

Artic Cat: 0436-146, 0812-005

Kawasaki: 52010-S005, 16510-06B00

Kymoco: 1541A-PWB1-900

Suzuki: 16510-3G00, 16510-006B01, 16510 03G00-X07


LT-A400F K2-K9 EIGER 2 & 4WD 2002-2009

LT-A450 XI K7-K9  2007-2009

LT-A500F VINSON  2002-2007

LT-A500AXI L0  2010


GSF600 S T-W  1996-1998

GSR600 K6-K8  2006-2008

GSR600 K9-L0  2009-2010

GSX600 F J-M  1988-1991

GSX-R600 V-K1  1997-2001

GSX-R600 K2-K3   2001-2003

GSX-R600 K4-K5  2004-2005

GSX-R600 K6-L0  2006-2010

GSX-R600 L1  2011

RF600 R P-T  1993-1996

AN650 K4-K9 BURGMAN  2003-2010

DL650 K4-L0 V-STROM  2004-2010

GSX650 F 2008-2010

SFV650 GLADIUS  2009-2011

SV650 S X-K2  1999-2002

SV650 S US K3-L0  2003-2010

LT-A700X KINGQUAD K4-K7  2004-2008

GSX750F K-V  1989-1997

GSX750F W-K3  1998-2003

GSX750F K4-K6  2004-2006

GSX-R750 J K 1988-1989

GSX-R750 L-M  1990-1991

GSX-R750W N-S  1992-1995

GSX-R750 T-X  1996-1999

GSX-R750 Y-K3  2000-2003

GSX-R750 K4-K5  2004-2005

GSX-R750  K6-L1  2006-2011

LT-A750X K8-L0  2008-2010

VL800 K1-K3 VOLUSIA  2001-2004

C50 BOULEVARD  K5-L1  2005-2011

M50 BOULEVARD K5-L0  2005-2010

VX800 L-R  1990-1994

VZ800 V-Y MARAUDER  1997-2000

RF900R R 1994

RF900R S-W  1995-1998

DL1000 K2-L0 V-STROM  2002-2010

GSX-R1000 K1-K4  2001-2004

GSX-R1000 K5-K8  2005-2008

GSX-R1000 K9-L1  2009-2011

SV1000 K3-K7  2003-2007

SV1000S K3-K7  2003-2007

TL1000 W-K2  1998-2002

TL1000S V-W  1997-1998

TL1000S K1-K2  2001-2002

GSX1100F J-L  1988-1990

GSX1100G M N R  1991-1994

GSX-R1100 G-J  1986-1988

GSX-R1100 K-N  1989-1992

GSX-R1100W P W  1993-1998

GSF1200/S T-X BANDIT  1996-1999

GSF1200/S Y-K6 BANDIT  2000-2006

GSF1250 BANDIT K7-L1  2007-2011

GSX1250FA L0-L1  2010-2011

GSX1300R X-K6  1999-2007

GSX13000 K8-L0  2008-2010

GSX1300BK B KING  2008-2010

GSX1400 K2-K8  2002-2008

VS1400GLP H-X INTRUDER  1987-1999

VL1500 X Y K1 K3 INTRUDER LC  1999-2003

VL1500 K4 INTRUDER LC  2004

C90 BOULEVARD K5-K9  2005-2010

M90 BOULEVARD VZ1500  2009-2010

C109R BOULEVARD K8-L1  2008-2011

M109R BOULEVARD K8-L0  2006-2010


Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic