FSB705A Brake Shoes

Quality Ferodo Brake Shoes made by Ferodo


FITS CT110 1979-1998 Rear

Also Fits


NVS50 (TODAY) 3-9  2003-2009

XL75  FRONT AND REAR  1977-1980

XR75K  FRONT AND REAR  1977-1979

CB80R AC FRONT AND REAR  1980-1982

CT90K 1-7  FRONT AND REAR 1979-1984

CT90 K8  1977-1979

XL100K  FRONT AND REAR  1974-1977

XL100 Z-D  FRONT AND REAR  1979-1983

CT110  1979-1998  Rear

CB125J  1978-1979

CB125N  1980-1982

CB125M 2-4 FRONT AND REAR  1976-1978

NBC110 FRONT, 2013-2015


Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic