JTF287.13 Honda 13 Tooth 520 Honda Front Sprocket

JTF 287.13  JT 13 T Front Sprocket


Honda Off Road:

XR200 RG, RH Australia 1986-1987

XR200 RL, RN Australia 1989-1992

XR200 RP, RR Australia 1993-1994

CRF230 L-8, 9  2008-2009

XR250 RG, RH Australia 1986-1987

Honda Road:

XLR200MD39 Japan 1992

CRF230 M-9, A  2009-1010

XL250 RE, RF, RH, RGND11 1984-1987


Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic