Honda 44830-356-000 Speedometer Cable


Honda Type Speedometer Cable

Replacement for 44830-356-000

High Quality Made in Japan

Colour Black

Total Inner Length: 99.5cm



1981-1982 GL500 Silver Wing

1978-1979 GL1000 GOLDWING

1976-1978 CB750K  750 FOUR

1975-1976 CB750F  750 SUPER SPORT

1976-1978 CB750A  750 HONDAMATIC

1974-1978 XL350

1972-1976 XL250

1982-1983 CM450A Hondamatic

1982-1983 CM450

1981 GL500 - SILVER WING

CB750 K0 K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 (NO YEAR)  SPEED


Please carefully check your parts manual to make sure this is the cable you are looking for

Can be picked up from the warehouse in Heidelberg West VicXL350,XL