Shipping Rates July 2014

Please note. All shipping is weight / volume based to conform with Australia Post rates



Warehouse Pickup - Boronia Victoria              0.00kg - 100.00kg     $0.00 AUD

Standard Post to 100g                                       0.00kg - 0.10kg        $4.00 AUD

Standard Post to 500g                                       0.10kg - 0.50kg        $7.90 AUD

Signature on Delivery up to 500g                     0.00kg - 0.50kg        $11.50 AUD    (Not Express)

Express Post to 500g                                         0.00kg - 0.50kg        $11.50  AUD   

Standard Post to 3.0kg                                      0.50kg - 3.00kg         $14.00  AUD

Express Post to 3.0kg                                        0.50kg - 3.00kg         $15.80   AUD   (Not available for shipping on a Wednesday)

Signature on Delivery up to 3.0g                      0.50kg - 3.00kg         $15.80 AUD    (Not Express)

Heavy goods shipping                                      3.00kg - 20.00kg        $30.00  AUD 


New Zealand:   

International Airmail Large Letter Rate           0.00kg - 0.10kg         $4.00 AUD

International Airmail Shipping                         0.10kg - 0.50kg         $7.90 AUD