Motorcycle Spares Warehouse is the place to find hard to get carburettor parts, repair kits, jets, piston kits, parts and accessories for your motorcycle.

We ship internationally the same or next business day and support supply to thousands of restorers and workshops.

We stock a large range of high quality Japanese made products. These include factory OEM quality carb kits and accessories for Japanese motorcycles.

If you are servicing, rebuilding or restoring a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha motorcycle fitted with Keihin or Mikuni carbs, Motorcycle Spares Warehouse is the place to go for carburetor repair kits, main jets, pilot jets, needles, needle and seat, diaphragms, petcock kits, gaskets, float valve needles, floats, washers, contact points, piston kits, conrod kits and much more.

We can also supply carb kits, chains, sprockets, top end gasket sets, piston kits, con rod kits, cam chains, main jets, pilot jets, needle sets, brake shoes, for the Australian CT110 Postie Bike

Motorcycle Spares Warehouse also have stocks of cables for the Honda CBR250R MC19, CBR250RR MC22, Kawasaki ZX250 / ZXR250 / ZX2R, all OEM or superior quality and made in Japan.

February 15, 2014

Classic Keihin CR Smooth Bore Carb Parts

Don't throw away or swap your old hand made, CR smooth bore carbs

Previously unobtainable parts needed to repair or restore these valuable, classic carbs are now available online


February 15, 2014

Spada Kits

Honda Spada / VT250 / MC20 carb kits are now available

November 02, 2013

Honda NX650

Honda NX650 RD02 and RD08 Carburetor Kits now available

November 02, 2013

Honda CB750 K6

Honda CB750 K6 carburetor kits now available

November 02, 2013

Yamaha XT600

Yamaha XT600 1990-1992 Carb kits now available

October 31, 2013

Honda RVF400 Carb Kits

Complete and Economy carb kits now available for the RVF400 NC35

October 31, 2013

Honda VFR400 Carb Kits

Complete and Economy carb kits now available for the VFR400 NC30

October 04, 2013

Honda VT250 / Spada float bowl gaskets now available

September 07, 2012

New kits

New kits for the following Honda Motorcycles have just arrived and will be listed soon

CB250,CB350, CB450, C95, C100, C77, CB92, VF500, S90, CB100, CL100, C65, CB400 

July 19, 2012

TDM / TRX850

New stocks of the KY-0570 have arrived  

June 25, 2012

Yamaha FZR250 Carb Repair Kits


New stocks of carburetor repair kits for the Yamaha FZR250 have just landed. These are new kits made to special order

These kits are suitable for the 3LN1 and the 3LN4/5 model

The kits will be listed in the next few days

June 25, 2012

Yamaha FZR250 Control Cables

New stocks of control cables for the yamaha FZR250 have just landed

Stock will be listed this week

April 21, 2012

Honda MC19 and MC22 Oil Seal Kits Now Available

 Quality Honda CBR250R MC19 and CB250RR(R) MC22 Oild seal kits are now available online 

March 24, 2012

New Honda and Yamaha Kits Added

New kits added for:

Honda: CBX100

Yamaha: TR1, XS750, XVS650, XS2, XS650, FZR600, XZ550, SR500, XS400, RD250,

TZR125, YL1, XJ650 TURBO, XT200 


February 10, 2012

New Kits

New kits have arrived, and will be listed soon for:

Honda XL250R

Yamaha, DS7 250, RD350LC 4LO, RD350B YPVS 1WW, RD350, YPVS 31K, RD350 R5, XS400 12E, RD400 C D 1A3,

XS400 SE, XJ900

FJ1200, FJ1100, XS1100 2H9, FZR 1000 GENESIS, TDM850

February 01, 2012

Kawasaki ZX250 / ZXR250 / ZX2R Head Gasket

Quality Japanese made head gaskets for the Kawasaki ZX250 / ZXR250 / ZX2R are now available

These head gaskets fit A / B / C models and are a replacement for OEM: 11004-1224 and 11004-1196

January 31, 2012

New Kits

New kits for Ducati 400, CB900, C201, C90M, CB160, CL72, XL350, SL350, CX650, KZ650, TS185, XS400, DT250, DT360

The new kits will be listed online ASAP


January 15, 2012

Brembo Motorcycle Brake Pads

A Range of Brembo high quality, brake pads for popular Japanese motorcycles coming soon

January 10, 2012

Kawasaki ZX250 / ZXR250 / ZX2R Chains

 Quality Japanese made chains are now available for these Kawasaki motorcycles

Sprockets will be listed soon

January 10, 2012

Honda CBR250R / CBR250RRR / MC19 / MC22

 Quality Japanese made chain are now available for these bikes.

Suitable sprockets will be listed soon

December 24, 2011

Kawasaki ZX250/ZXR250/ZX2R

New Stocks of speedo cables are now available for these motorcycles 

November 30, 2011

MC19 Cables,

 Honda CBR250R MC19 throttle open, throttle close and choke / starter cables now available

October 04, 2011


OEM replacement Needle and Seat now available for Suzuki GSX1000 SZ Katana 

May 05, 2011

New Kits

New kits for

Honda: CX500, Z50,

Kawasaki:  KE175, KE125, ZX750/900/1000,

Suzuki:  VS1400

Yamaha: RD/RZ500

Are now in stock and will be listed soon.


April 12, 2011

CT110 Postie Bike Piston Kits

Quality Japanese made piston Kits are now online for the CT110 / Postie Bike

March 04, 2011

ISO9001 Certificate

Keyster has now obtained the certificate of ISO9001.


January 26, 2011

Interceptor Fuel Management units

 Due to increasing production rates, The Interceptor is now availabe online for $455.00

November 27, 2010

CT110 Carb Float

Carby Floats will soon be available for the CT110 Postie Bike plus many other small motorcycles that use the same float. Stock should be available in January 2011


August 05, 2010

Petcock Diaphgram and ACV sets

Petcock diaphragms and ACV sets will soon be abailable on site site 

February 24, 2010

CB250R and CB250RR Carb Kits

A comprehensive, K-1051HK and K-1052HK high quality carb repair kit is now available for Honda CB250R and CB250RR motorcycles fitted with MC19 or MC22 carburetors.
A discount is offered for multiple purchases

February 18, 2010

Float Valve Screws

Float valve screws, complete with spring washers, in various 4mm, 5mm and 6mm sizes are now available

February 11, 2010

Postie Bike CT110 Jets

Hotting up you Postie engine ? or fitting a big bore kit ?
We will soon be able to supply a #80, #85, #90, #95, #100, #105, #110, #115, #120 Main Jets in 5mm or 6mm thread sizes (Standard is a #72)
To compliment the bigger main jets we will also be stocking a range of bigger slow jets (pilot/idle jet)
in sizes from the standard #38, to #40 and #42 in standard CT110 thread size.

December 12, 2009

MC19 and MC22 Carburetor

Having trouble getting parts for your parallel imported CBR250 ?
A new quality kit for the MC19 and MC22 carburetor will be available from Motorcycle Spares Warehouse early in the new year

October 05, 2009

Australian CT110 Postie Bike

The ever popular Australian CT110 Postie Bike.

If your carby needs attention or new parts, don’t waste money buying individual OEM components.
We now have a high quality, ethanol tolerant, comprehensive overhaul kit, KH-1291N for the popular postie bike at a fraction of the price of individual components.