KY-0659N Yamaha YFN660R RAPTOR Carb Repair Kit

KY-0659N Carb Repair Kit   Made in Japan

Yamaha YFM660R Raptor


Original Carb Assembly Number:   5LP-14900-00-00


Included in this kit:

Chamber Gasket (2)

Needle Valve (2)

Jet Needle (2)

"E" Clip (2)

Air Screw (2)

Air Spring (2)

Main Jet #95

Main Jet #140

Main Jet #145

Air Bleed Jet #150

Air Bleed Jet #80

Pilot Jet #22.5 (2)

Nozzle (2)

"O" Ring  (9)

Washer (4)

Screw Throttle

Spring Throttle

Needle Jet (2)


Please carefully check the specs and photo to make sure this is the kit you are looking for