2 Kits 1x KY-0542F and 1x KY-0542R Carb Kits @ 6% Discount

2 x Motorcycle Repair Kits. 1xKY-0542F and 1x0542R Carb kits at 6% discount 
Yamaha XV535 (Front and rear Carb)
Original Carburetor No. 3JC-14901-00-00

Made in Japan


Included in each of these kits
Chamber Gasket
Needle Valve
Jet Needle
"E" Clip
Air Screw
Air Spring
Plunger Spring
Main Jet #70
Main Jet #135
Main Jet #170
Pilot Jet #35
"O" Ring (5)
Washer (2)
Throttle Screw
Needle Jet
Top Cover Gasket (2)
Other (10)

Can be picked up in Warehouse in Heidelberg West Vic