Honda Type 37260-KB7-010 Tacho Cable

Honda Type 37260-KB7-010 Tachometer Cable

Quality cable  Made in Japan

Black Colour

Inner length:   570mm


CB175 K3 , K4, K5, K6, k7

CL175 K4, K5, K6, K7

CB360 T 1976

CL360 G, K1

CJ360 T 1976-1977

SL175 K1, k2

SL350 K1

XL175 K1, K2

CB1000C  1983

CB750F - 750 SUPER SPORT  1977-1978

CB900F  - 900 SUPER SPORT  1981-1982

Please check your parts manual and photograph to make sure this is the part you are looking for
Can be picked up at the warehouse in Heidelberg West